Marrit Zuure Data Scientist

About Me

I am wrapping up my PhD in Computational Neuroscience
and am currently employed at Orikami as Data Science Consultant.

I am an idealist, analytically minded, and eager to learn and broaden my horizons.

Read on to find out what I can bring to the table!


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I'm comfortable with Python and MATLAB, and open to learning new languages and frameworks. Because of my academic background, I'm used to writing code for fast results, but I always keep robustness and usability in mind.

Data analysis

Waveform Normal distribution

Many of my skills are generally applicable, such as dimensionality reduction, Fourier analysis, linear regression, clustering, signal processing, and data cleaning. My specialties include analyzing EEG and MEG data, working with oscillatory activity, and applying advanced multivariate source separation (let's say PCA but extra fancy).


Brain network Neural network Simulation

I've programmed biophysically realistic neural networks at different levels of abstraction, and expect at least some of this knowledge to translate to ANNs. I have experience with simulating data and evaluating model fit.


Psychology Brain Neuron

My neuroscience background covers psychology and cognition on the one hand, and brain dynamics at the microcircuit and network level on the other hand. I'm particularly interested in the computations that neurons perform, and how these together give rise to cognition.

Academic skills

Education Book

I'm an independent worker, capable of self-directed learning and quickly absorbing information. On account of my PhD project, I'm skilled at personal time and project management, among which breaking down overarching goals into small doable tasks. I have an academic-level grasp of statistics, and am capable of writing up and presenting complex information.


Curiosity Quantified self Growth

I have a broad range of interests (productivity, quantified self, photography, reading...) and have fun building personal projects (website scrapers, internet-controlled robot, 8-bit breadboard CPU). I enjoy being organized and on top of things. I'm committed to personal development and take pride in being a proactive communicator. I'm an idealist and would like to do my part in improving the world.